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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia smirked as the Mud-Shot hit Len. Sure it wouldn't deal much damage but it would make it harder for him to hit Diana. Mark called out for a Body Slam and she cringed a bit, yet Diana took it head on. "I'll show ya you overgrown tadpole!" She shouted back as she braced for impact. Len slammed pretty hard into her and she grunted as her armor took the blow.

    She grunted and panted a bit as she was forced back. "Y-Yeah? That all you got!?" She demanded as her legs wobbled a bit underneath her.

    "Diana, another Mud-Slap!" Lucia called out as the Aron did so and flung some more sand at the Poliwhirl's eyes. She shivered a bit, but managed to stay standing despite the pain she had just experienced.
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