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    Tristen S, Raikou Dorm
    [Somewhere on Campus]

    Tristen straightened up her back, folded her arms, and shook her head. “I should’ve known better--why would anyone be at the office this early in the morning?” She muttered to herself and smiled as her croagunk just kept walking in front of her, unaware that she had stopped walking.

    “Gabe,” she cooed, laughing quietly to herself, “I’m over here. We’re not going to the office for now. We’ll come back later, okay?”

    Confused, Gabriel turned around and slowly walked to her side.

    “Yeah, I know. Let’s just explore campus a bit. We should probably find out where my room is. And if the office isn’t open by then, we can stop by Oak Town. I heard it’s somewhere nearby. Ish.”

    They turned around and began walking back down the path where they just came from. Looking around her, Tristen realized she could get a pretty good look of the area as she headed towards the dorms. The trees were changing colors, the air smelled crisp and clean, and the academy, she realized, fit very well into this environment.

    “You know,” she said just loud enough for Gabriel to hear, “I have a bad feeling that I’m going to like it here.” She snuck a peek at the purple frog walking beside her from the corner of her eye. “What about you?”

    Gabriel just looked up at her and shrugged. He had a tendency to always agree with whatever she was saying, and whether or not he understood what she said didn’t matter in the slightest.

    Tristen laughed. “You’re such a bum.” She looked at the position of the sun on the horizon and squinted at the light. “If we don’t meet anybody from the office anytime soon, we’ll just have to train on our own. I can tell there’s a lot of wild pokemon around here.”

    They stopped at the entrance to the Raikou Dorm, and Tristen put her hands on her hips. It’s going to be weird sleeping under a roof for the next few months. I wonder if they’d let me sleep outside... I’m sure I could find a way even if they didn’t let me. There’s plenty of windows...

    Croagunk took her hand and led her inside. “Okay, okay, fine. You find my room for me, will ya?” She told him her room number, and they were off. They passed their room several times, but Gabriel refused to let Tristen help him with the numbers. It took them twenty minutes before they found their very own dorm.

    “About time,” she laughed and pat him gently on the head as they walked inside.
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