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    Sage Smith

    Sage looked at Jimmy as he waited for his answer when he heard voices talking. Looking in the back of the room he saw Haru had moved seats and was talking to a Holly Amarosa. He frowned and silently he left the front of the room and walked quietly to where he was standing right behind Haru and Holly. "Mr. Hatake, Miss. Amarosa, refrain from unnecessary conversation in the middle of class, that is unless you'd like to share with everyone though I doubt you'd like that" he looked at the other students and spotted a desk empty in the front other side of the room. "Mr. Hatake I'd like you to move to that empty seat in the front please, and Miss Amarosa please return your Pokemon, I will tell you when a Pokemon can be out in class" he then looked at the rest of the students "If anything like this happens again during class I will issue out detentions"

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