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Holly Amarosa

Holly looked up as she saw the teacher talking to her. She nodded and pulled out Molly's pokeball. Molly turned and looked at her pokeball. She looked at Haru one more time before tapping it. Holly looked at the pokeball for a second before putting it back in its place. "Sorry, sir.", she mumbled. She looked up at Haru and nodded. She decided that she was going to have a talk with Molly after class. She thought about what Kayla could be doing for a second and shook her head. She frowned and put her head down on her desk.

Kayla Makihatayama

Kayla yawned and put her head on the table. "I seem to be good at getting people mad at me today. At least Holly accepted my apology." She looked down at her Xtranceiver and jumped as it rang. She looked at it for a second and decided to let it ring. "I wonder if Mom and Dad are coming tonight... I doubt it."
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