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    Jack Jacobs

    It was always nice and dandy to just sit around and do nothing especially to Jack if he wasn't battling but nothing can last forever and before Jack knew it, it was time for class. It would be the first one since his return to the island and he was one hundred percent prepared for anything that might happen in class and even had a couple books believe it or not. "It's in..." Jack quickly looked up the room number and was on his way.

    Jack's the more hands on type and as he walked into the classroom it was obvious that there was probably going to be a lot of talking in class today. "A projector ?" Upon entering the class though Jack did spot a brown haired beauty at the front but their was no way he was going to sit up there, he needed to be somewhere that he could sleep and daydream in peace without being noticed by the teacher.

    The class was filling up a bit but it was obvious that it wasn't exactly class time since there were a couple empty seats around but being the proactive and forward thinking student he was Jack decided to get started on his sleeping early so that he would be well set when class started....
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