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Originally Posted by Bladethorn View Post
I have a weird question about this AMAZING tool kit. Can it be added to other kits? Like Pokemon Essentials? My friends and I are working on a game that mixes Pokemon and Harvest Moon. This kit would be fantastic to add, but I'm not sure how one would do that. If you could give any tips or suggestions that would be amazing!
We don't plan to share this with anyone but our close friends, however if we can use this kit I'll be adding a credits-in-title screen and within the end credits :)
It should be possible to add it to Essentials. In fact, thinking about it previously I figured that it would probably just need some small edits to be compatible with the way Essentials sets up the player, and the slight change in naming conventions for stuff regarding the tilemap (that would probably only require a line or two of code to fix though). I may look into it eventually. Aside from those two things, it should otherwise work fine, since the scripts were created to be independent and can more or less just be copied from HMTK to wherever (though other custom scripts might conflict with it). I may see about working on that hopefully soon. Haven't had time to do any development for weeks because of my job.
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