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Danielle Accola
Suicune Dorms, Academy Grounds

Her PokeGear vibrated under her pillow. Maybe it was her uncle trying to call her, or it could be her alarm. It was 7:30 am, the sun rays were hitting Danielle’s face from the window. The walls were plain white, where she has yet to decorate her room, seeing that she has barely arrived yesterday. The color of the walls reflected the sun, creating a brighter room, with no use of artificial light.

Danielle turned her body around to protect herself from the sun rays, but her PokeGear kept vibrating. She was intending to sleep a bit more but it didn’t let her. So she gave up. She turned around, took the PokeGear from her pillow and checked it. She then gasped at the missing calls list: Her uncle had called. And something else: Lucia had sent her a message earlier.

Lucia: Hey, didn’t know if you wanted to meet up after classes are over? We can meet around the Pokemon Center.

Danielle smiled at the message. She then immediately replied back carefully:

Yeah, I’ll meet ya up at the Pokemon Center. Hope you are well!

She sent the message and created a new draft. This time, to her uncle back from Celadon.

Hey. I just barely woke up and I’m about to head over to class in just a bit. I’ll call you when I’m done. Love you.

She then sends it, and gets off from bed, heading straight to her unpacked suitcase to get a fresh set of clothing. A black t-shirt, Bermuda jean shorts, and half-finger cut gloves. She takes them to her bathroom and closes the door.

Half an hour later…

She was now dressed up. She got her book bag, filled with her Pokemon necessities, her Pokemon, and her notebook & other school supplies. She left her dorm room with the door locked, and walked away. As her dorm room was upstairs, she had to take the long way downstairs to get to the exit of the Dorm Hall. Few Suicuners, sprinkled with an Enteier and a Raikouer. As she exited the dorms, her eyes has widened at the outside world.


“Now how am I going to get through?” She asked herself. She then scanned through the bunch of battles. Many of them were quite intense. The battles were so intense, one of her Pokeballs inside her ball pouch wiggled tightly. As it moved, a white ray came out of the bag, indicating one of Danielle’s Pokemon came out. It flashed and Swifty the Vulpix came out.

“Vuuuuuulpix.” It cried softly.

Danielle’s eyes widened as she saw her *recently* caught Vulpix came out of the ball. “Uhhh, Swifty! Errr…. What are you doing outside of your ball?”

Swifty scratched his left ear, not listening to Danielle’s question. “Vuuuul!”

“Diana! Use Mud-Slap!”

Danielle looked up as she heard a familiar voice. It was Lucia and her Aron, Diana. Danielle smiled as she saw her, and what made her happier was that Mark was there as well, and Lucia was battling him. Lucia had Diana, while Mark had a Poliwhirl. At least she wouldn’t roam the courtyard alone.

“Come Swifty.” Danielle commanded, “You’re going to see a pretty good battle from two great friends.”

The Vulpix followed casually with Danielle, walking slowly like a prowling kitten. He didn’t mind the battles going on around him. Swifty had his eye on Mark’s Poliwhirl, as it started to dig to the ground. Danielle stood to the side of the battle, between Mark’s side and Lucia’s side. She waved at both of them as they both looked pretty concentrated at their battle.

Drew Stone
Boat Trip to Academy; Entrance

“And now we arrive to Oak Island! Please wait till the boat comes to a complete halt, and please take all your belongings with you. We are not responsible for lost items! Have a fabulous time at Oak Island, and thank you for riding Oak Island Ferry.”

Drew Stone, a 15-year-old boy hailing from Goldenrod City in Johto, didn’t take much luggage for his stay at the Pokemon Trainer Academy. He only had one suitcase, and one messenger bag. It was also his first day of class for him, so he wouldn’t have time to unpack and explore the campus first. Alongside Drew, is a Petilil named Syd. She was his first Pokemon, gifted from his ex-girlfriend. Syd was standing on Drew’s right shoulder, happily as Drew walked off the boat and stepped on the island for the first time.

“Syd! We’re here!” Drew exclaimed as he breathed the fresh ocean breeze.

“Liiiiiii!” The Petilil cheered.

“Man, Syd. You, Embee and I are going to have a wonderful time here at the trainer academy. There’s a lot of trainers like me who aspire to be as good. While I’m…just a noob.” Drew glanced at the ground as he walked, aiming towards the Academy Entrance.

Syd cuddled against his cheek, and felt his smile winding up. She knew that she has successfully made him smile.

“I know you’d be there for me, Syd.” Drew said, “Come on, let’s go to school!”

Megan Sandoval
Oak Town Coffee Shop

It was finally the first day of her teaching career for Megan. Admittedly, she was very restless. She woke up in the morning, got dressed to her new teaching clothes, looking very professional. Her green hair was up in a ponytail, she wore a grey career suit, a blouse and pants, as well as black high-heels to fit the occasion. She was sitting outside the shop, drinking a cup of coffee and eating a strawberry pastry.

Megan was excited and nervous at the same time. She thought her career had already started yesterday, when meeting her student for the first time, as well as helping out a student find the Entei Dorms. She may have thought this was the start, but it wasn’t. This was the start.

Bree was sitting on a chair across from Megan as she takes a sip from her coffee, glancing at the ocean. She then spotted a boat heading towards the Academy Entrance’s direction. Maybe new students are heading to the school finally, or new tourists. She remembered the hour she stepped foot on the island for the first time. The same questions came to her head from the hour she came to the island: What would the classroom be like? How would the students act? Megan was hoping for “clones” of Danielle, but she knows it won’t be anything like that.

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