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    Dear Anon,
    I've never felt like this before. I've never thought about or cared about anyone so much. Just... you make me so happy. I can't believe you found me, and I can't believe how random it was. I mean, who would've known that, the random person that just hopped in ended up becoming the guy I'd become best friends with in the matter of a day. Just, oh my god. You're such a miracle. Thank you so much... I don't know how to express what I've been feeling like lately. You make me truly happy, like I'm worth it. Everything you say just... I can't. This is so amazing, I finally understand what it's like.

    I promise to treat you better than those other girls... I f*cking promise.

    Dear Anon,
    I'm so sorry I let you down. I don't know what happened... but I feel awful about it. I really do. I failed, and honestly I feel too guilty to confront you about it... I hope everything's okay.

    Dear Anons,
    I've been sick of you guys lately, sorry. I'm finally enjoying myself without some drawback, and you're just trying to pull me away from that. Give me some time to... be away from you people. I know you don't see what you've been doing wrong, and I know you mean well, but yeah. Maybe later.

    Dear Anon,
    I can honestly hope you're having a bad time right now :) And I don't care if anyone judges me for saying or thinking that. Karma is going to bite you someday; and it's really going to be f*cking painful <3