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Originally Posted by Jasoon View Post
He's not going to finish this, when it's good, it never actually get's complete (except Flora Sky) When it's close to completion...he will go and say "school work and social life **** is getting in the way so i'm abandoning this hack like Shadow done to his version
I've spent the last 6 hours trying to find 1 pokemon yellow complete "Good" remake...came across 5-10 but 0 complete
By the way...why does this game play in a program there no way to play it in vba?
There's no need to be an ass.

Take the time, read the first post, learn what this is about.

It's retards like you that drive fan game makers away, you leave people with a complete lack of confidence.

This is probably the most complete and amazing Yellow remake, so the least you could do is try it before acting like Des is wasting her time (which she is NOT!)
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