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Kilik Chambers - Academy Cafeteria

Glad someone likes Kilik's name. Who wouldn't? Nicknames are lame, but Fang was an exception. Fang took out a few stuff from his backpack after rambling inside it, out came a Joltik, Duskull & Sneasel. Now those were cool Pokemon. The Joltik was common for him though, but now he was thinking of catching one. Truth be told, he's never seen the evolution of Joltik. It must be pretty tight though.

Fang took out his schedule & scanned it oddly. "Hrm, on second look - it would appear that I have a lesson with some general experts, N Harmonia (General Expert), Christopher Jacob Styles, Olivia Wolf, Lincoln West and James Storeson. That mean anything to you Kilik?" he asked him. Kilik took a moment to rethink this. Too bad he wasn't having class with N. How awesome would that be? Anyway, he chuckled & smiled. It was very long since he last smiled. It was obvious, wasn't it? Fang might not be the brightest guy it seems, but hey, he's still cool mind you.

"You're having class with the N, & those are your classmates. It's not that hard, man." That was explained well. "Shame we don't have the same class. I have Pokemon Legend Studies with Mr. Ryan Newson."

Yaiba had finished his food & decided to keep sharpening his shells, scratch scratch sounds coming from both shells. Kilik scratched his chin eyeing Fang's Joltik. Might as well talk about something else. "I like your Joltik," he complimented, petting the bug Pokemon, "where'd you get him?"

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