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    I am looking forward to a few games.
    FIFA 13 is at the top for me, I am a huge football fan and FIFA player.
    Pokemon Black/White 2... You know it's Pokemon who won't get it?
    Halo 4, Do i need to say anymore?

    There are a few I am interested in but not that bothered about.

    CoD:Black Ops 2. I can not stand Call of Duty's multi-player, CoD4 ruined it for me but I am a fan of Zombies so I may get it for that.

    Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. It just looks interesting.

    South Park: The stick of Truth. Again, it Just looks interesting

    I may also get Borderlands 2 If any of my friends get it. The reason I got Borderlands 1 is because 3 of my friends got it on day one so I went and got it as well to play with them and I was surprised at how fun it was ONLINE but very boring solo.

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