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    In the future please don't double post.
    Sorry Latios Master, I'm kind of new at this. It will never happen again! Oh, and thanks for the advice G-Money, I think I might re-start with Giratina with SRing as I tried in an old save file, but lost patience and gave up (I heard something happened to the pokemon after SRing, but only recently did I find out it could become shiny!) and if I succeed I might try Volcarona in Black or try Regigigas (congrats by the way Keruso, I'm probably not going to be able to get it whatsoever!) Oh and I have two things to ask everyone. 1) Can you catch a shiny Suicune/Entei/Raikou in HG/SS for the Zoroark in Black and White? Just wondering. And finally, G-Money, please can you link some guides as I am terrible at the moment, tried the most common pokemon on a route and swarm pokemon but the chain always breaks at 14! No matter what I try! Thanks and goodnight (even though its the middle of the day, but you know what I mean!)
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