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Originally Posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator View Post
Sorry Latios Master, I'm kind of new at this. It will never happen again! Oh, and thanks for the advice G-Money, I think I might re-start with Giratina with SRing as I tried in an old save file, but lost patience and gave up (I heard something happened to the pokemon after SRing, but only recently did I find out it could become shiny!) and if I succeed I might try Volcarona in Black or try Regigigas (congrats by the way Keruso, I'm probably not going to be able to get it whatsoever!) Oh and I have two things to ask everyone. 1) Can you catch a shiny Suicune/Entei/Raikou in HG/SS for the Zoroark in Black and White? Just wondering. And finally, G-Money, please can you link some guides as I am terrible at the moment, tried the most common pokemon on a route and swarm pokemon but the chain always breaks at 14! No matter what I try! Thanks and goodnight (even though its the middle of the day, but you know what I mean!)
No, you must have the Event Dogs in order to get the Zoroark, otherwise it will not work (what happened to that 2nd question?). I always had some trouble chaining myself, and then afterwords, felt bad about getting an easy to get shiny (i've actually considered releasing the shinies i have captured through this method). But, to help you out, buy repels. LOTS of repels. i once had just about 550 repels in either Pearl or Platinum. Go into the middle of the grass and use the radar. go to whichever shaking spot you want. Rinse and repeat if you dont like that poke. after you kill/capture the Poke, watch for the shaky patches. ALWAYS GO FOR THE ONE FARTHEST AWAY, BUT DO NOT GO TO ANY THAT ARE NEAR THE EDGE OF THE GRASS. that will always break your chain. Rinse, repeat, shiny
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