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    Okay, if you insist on wolves being much sturdier then okay. They may as well be. You are right.

    And I just said what I said about HP and Def just to show you that Wigglytuff is indeed bulky. When you see Wigglytuff vs Mightyena you instantly say Mightyena wins. If Wigglytuff wins in the anime then you may think that it's bullsh!t.
    This is because you see a pink, cute Wigglytuff against a fierce Mightyena. You instantly think of them as hare vs hyena. If you think hare vs hyena then of course hyena wins. But truth is that Wigglytuff isn't just a normal bunny. It's bigger and tougher. I don't think hares in real life would have such high HP and defenses.They will die after a strong bite from the hyena. A wigglytuff has huge HP and defenses thus it can take more and retaliate. It actually has more time to counter back.

    Anyway, HP is indeed how much damage a Pokemon tolerates. I think of HP as completely relative. The highest your HP the more injured and damaged your body will be till you faint.

    Blissey has horrific Def thus its body is severely damaged after any attack. For example a Slash will leave a huge, deep, bloody laceration across her whole body. Yet she has huge HP which means she can actually tolerate a lot of damage thus she can take it and not faint. Then she takes a second Slash which leaves another gruel laceration. After the third final hit Blissey faints(dies).
    Miltank takes a Slash. It only deals a small scratch. She faints after the tenth Slash.

    Yeah Miltank endured a lot more than Blissey. But why? Because her body wasn't as badly damaged after the attack. So she endured 10 small scratches and fainted.
    Blissey endured 3 huge lacerations and then fainted. Which one's body is worse damaged? Blissey's of course.
    So point is that Miltank wouldn't survive such horrific damage on her body as Blissey because she has lower HP. She can just take more because she gets less damaged.

    It's like a person fainting after 10 paper cuts and another person fainting after 3 knife slashes. Sure, the first guy endures more hits and manages to stay conscious for a longer time but hey who is tougher? The second of course because he fainted after 3 severe injuries while the first fainted after 10 smaller injuries.
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