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    "Since O have a Baltoy and a Lunatone and Tate only has Solrock, he can catch it instead." Liza say
    Tate then captures baltoy.

    "Alright guys time to train" you say, "Go on guys battle each other"

    "Solrock rock throw!"
    "Lunatone confusion!"

    You prepare for an explosion but continue to watch them then you realize why they wanted to travel with you. They just began their journey and their pokemon dont know how to aim anymoves. Rockthrower flew way above lunatone and confusion knocked a acorn off the tree.

    "Well then looks like i have to truly train them you say, you ready for this Victini?"
    "Vic Victini!" He says happily
    Meanwhile in the background with Tate and Liza their yelling out attacks that keep missing.
    Avatar Credit goes to the creator.
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