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Crash Course

Escape | Rated: T

Sweat dripped from the young boys brow, he tossed and turned as he his sleep became more and more troubled. He grew uncomfortable, confined, and with one last kick his blanket fell to the floor with a massive thump.

The boy sat bolt-upright, the nightmare coming to an abrupt end. The room around him was not what he had expected, his eyes wide in shock as the realisation sunk in. He had been taken. Hands covered in dirt, clothes giving off a disgusting smell, he figured he must have been here a while - but why was he only realising this now?

The room, his cell, was a dull metal box. Several other beds framed the floor, all equally rusted and minimalistic, but they were all empty, he was definitely alone.

A gentle beep cut through the silence, drawing the boys attention away from his drifting thoughts of horror and towards the lit-up panel guarding the doorway. A small digital image of a thermometer was flashing, the accompanying number slowly rising, 35.0oc... 35.1oc... 35.2oc... The temperature was rising, even the metal walls seemed to be radiating heat.

In the reflection of the panel, the boy saw the culprit. The burning vortex of the sun was much bigger than he was used to, even though such a small window, but it was unmistakable. Peering outside, he saw that the situation was even more dire - fluid leaked from the ship, trailing off in an odd spiral pattern towards The Sun. Pressing his ear to the hot, thick glass he could just make out the strained creaking of the ship, fighting the gravitational pull of the colossal star. He needed to get out, quickly.

Running back to the panel, he looked for a way to open the heavy steel door. To his surprise all it took was a simple button, the unlocked door slowly slid open, revealing the inner sanctum of the spaceship. The boy gawped, stumbling forward out of his room and in to the giant ring corridor of the ship. He could see all the way around the floor, as well as up in to the spherical rooftop of the spacecraft. From the size he thought there could be hundreds or thousands or others, however, there was nothing but silence.

He was lost on what to do, with no idea where to go or what he could use to escape the boy had no option than to go to the most eye-catching place - the central shaft. Connected by seemingly thin, glass bridges the centre column could be accessed from any floor - a steady pulsing light travelled up and down the shaft repeatedly, the boy quickly made his way over to discover why.

As he ran to the centre he found eight circular discs, scattered around the floor. The curious shapes glowed the same colour as the light he'd seen further away. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath - stepping forward on to one of the circular panels. Nothing. Or so he thought.

Upon opening his eyes he realised how naive he'd been, for something had definitely happened. He now stood in a cramped room, full of large machines and flashing lights. The windows were laced with huge LCD screens, each showing an image or playing a looped video. Again, the room was abandoned, but something on one of the screens caught the boy's eye.

"... It was me?" he whispered. A sinister smile crept on to his face, the playback slowly becoming reality as he stared at himself on the screen.

Gun in hand, the boy crept up on the captain - who was riffling through the controls in an attempt to control the damage. The busy man hadn't noticed the muffled grunts of his subordinates as they fell to the floor. Over the static of the video and the wailing of the alarm, he could just be heard shouting down the intercom, "Find him!"

Those were the captain's final words.

Only two hours before had the system gone berserk; shields, gravity and oxygen all going into flux simultaneously. The culprit, a 9 year old boy who had been contained within the psychosis ward. The sudden carnage and chaos didn't leave much time for investigation, before the station became critical everyone was evacuated, leaving only the boy and the bodies of the dead.