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Alex Hall

Throwing on a red top Alex considered his options, go outside and have some more awkward conversation with his room-mate or... feign sickness and stay in the bathroom? Luckily a blaring announcement gave the much needed option C.

"Would all competitors please remember to attend the function at the Main Stadium tonight," the speaker said. With a sigh of relief, Alex slipped into his black, skinny jeans and opened the bathroom window.

"I think I'm going to be a while!" He yelled through the door, back into the bedroom, faking a cough or two, "Not feeling my best," he told his partner Cody, before slamming the door shut and jumping out of the window.

Thank Arceus for ground floor rooms, he thought as he stumbled out of the shrubbery, brushing the leaves off his top. Putting his fingers to his lips he let out a sharp whistle. Suddenly the bedroom window, just around the corner, burst open as Squirt erupted outside in blind panic. She quickly flew to Alex, who tried desperately to hush the flustered flying Pokémon, who had luckily grabbed his three Pokéballs in her talons.

"We've got some food to grab!" Encouraged Alex, rubbing her beak with thanks, "We better get going." Hopping on her back, Alex kicked off from the ground and the pair exploded into the air.

"To the stadium!"


The main stadium was mostly empty as Alex walked through the giant doorway, there were only a handful of competitors there - early perhaps? He'd already brushed off the crazed photographers out front, Squirt getting quite possessive as the journalists bombarded Alex with questions about the upcoming tournament. Thankfully he had the sense to recall her and run the rest of the way into the stadium.

The tables inside were ladled with food, a glorious buffet of every type of food you could imagine. Alex wandered past, picking at food as he circled the stadium, looking around for any familiar faces amongst the trainers. The stadium was lit up brilliantly, making the battleground look more like a dance-floor than a pitch - the audience seats barely visible beyond the glare. Above the lights, Alex noticed a high balcony, no doubt a premier seat for the battles to come. Perched on the edge was a familiar pokémon, an Emolga.

"Guess I know somebody here afterall," murmured Alex, looking up at Ryudo. Taking Squirt's pokéball off his belt, he whispered to her, "Let's show all these trainers what a real flying type can do."

Alex began running, quite quickly, towards the wall below the balcony. With a flash of red Squirt appeared behind her trainer, calling out with a fierce cry. Responding quickly, Alex jumped - the flying pokémon quickly gliding under him, ready for his open arms to hold on.

With one huge flap, a gust erupting from Squirt's wings, the pair flew vertically up the wall, coming to a halt in front of the open balcony as Alex flung himself on to the ledge.

"Hi there," said Alex, quite pleased with his dramatic entrance, "you're missing out on the party, Ryudo."

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