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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    Thanks, I had to read what you said like 3 times, before I got what you meant, and I totally didnt even see that xDD I was trying to place the entrance and pokeball where it made sense inside, and didnt even think about the entrance xDD I'll work on that, and thanks for the compliment :3
    Sorry, it's my bad English xD
    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    Now I have a lot to work on, the next step though is working on world maps...I cant get the grass right any tips would be greatly appreciated! I need to do some research on it (if there is anything)
    I have a few tips on how to make world maps:
    1) Don't make them big. Bigger maps = more "empty" space, which you'd want to avoid.
    2) Most tiles in the overworld tileset are green. Trees, grass, tall grass. You'd like your maps more colorful, and there is no "colorful" without the color red. Most flowers are red - you can go a little overboard with them.
    3) Don't use the "Rectangle" tool for trees, tall grass & flowers.
    4) If you're building a town/city, make sure that the houses aren't too far apart from each other. You can add some houses without doors, or with locked doors, just to make the town/city appear bigger.
    5) Trees aren't used for borders only, and there are a lot of different trees.
    6) A few boulders (Not the ones that can be moved by strength) here and there will change a lot.
    7) Look at maps by other game makers, or maps from the real Pokemon games. It helps.

    Well, I hope this helps...

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