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Ok guys,I'm in need of some help here.
I'm trying to add new trainers into Pokemon Emerald,and when I give them their script and talk to them,it works normally.
But,when I adjust the view radius using Advance Map (1.92 and 1.95),all the trainer says is
CeCeCeCeCeCeCeCeCeCeCeCeCeCeCeCe and so on
for a few minutes then the battle begins with a random trainer from the game.
After the battle though,the trainer is normal except that he doesn't say anything after the battle.
I would appreciate some help as this is my first post on here.

This is the script:

#dynamic 0xB4D202

#org @start
trainerbattle 0x0 0x354 0x0 @intro @defeat
msgbox @msg 0x6

#org @intro
= I'm on my way to battle ROXANNE.\nI guess some extra training won't\lhurt though.

#org @defeat
= Have you beaten ROXANNE already?

#org @msg
= I guess I'll have to train some\nmore.

Can anyone help?
The dynamic offset you're using might have run out of free space, but that's just a guess.
Probably wrong though
Try using msgbox 0x6 rather than 0x2
It did occur to me - they were all originally the 0x6 callstd, but it still didn't work.
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