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    Alright, I'm kind of having the same problem as EHero except I'm using Emerald. Everything works fine until the nicknaming part where nothing happens. I'm pretty sure I'm using the wrong script for nicknaming because I don't know what the offset for the nicknaming script in Emerald is. Could anyone help me? I know my pointers are a bit confusing... xD

    #dynamic 0x800000

    #org @start checkflag 0x860 if 0x1 goto @gipokemon1 msgbox @hallo 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 goto @gepokemon1 msgbox @hallo2 0x6 release end

    #org @gepokemon1 givepokemon 0x199 0x64 0x1 0x0 0x0 0x0 fanfare 0x13E msgbox @hallo3 0x4 waitfanfare closeonkeypress setflag 0x860 msgbox @hallo4 0x5 compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 gosub @hallo5 msgbox @hallo6 0x6 release end

    #org @hallo5 call 0x1A74EB return

    #org @gipokemon1 msgbox @hallo7 0x6 release end

    #org @hallo = I found this Jirachi in space! Do\nyou want it? O:

    #org @hallo2 = Okay, but this is your only chance\nto get this amazing pokemon!

    #org @hallo3 = [black_fr]You received a Jirachi!

    #org @hallo4 = [black_fr]Would you like to give a\nnickname to Jirachi?

    #org @hallo6 = You made a good choice my friend.\n(:

    #org @hallo7 = I don't have anymore Jirachis.\nSorry! ):

    Alright, having another problem with wildbattle. Script will be below. I have a charizard sitting in my character's room and have a Lv. 100 Swampert in my front slot with the Pokemon Menu enabled. I have the charizard's sprite set to Person ID 0200 and Movement type as Look Around. However, when I try to interact with the charizard and it just beeps and no text or anything happens. I can only think of two problems; 1. I screwed up in scripting or 2. I can't cause a battle because it's in the player's room. Can anyone help me out with this as well?

    #dynamic 0x800000

    #org @start lock faceplayer msgbox @danke 0x6 cry 0x6 0x0 wildbattle 0x6 0x1E 0x8B fadescreen 0x1 fadescreen 0x0 hidesprite 0x800F setflag 0x200 release end

    #org @danke = CHARIZARD: Meep.


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