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@EVERYONE Those who haven't board the ship, hurry up! Chapter III is on its way!!!

Ginny Dustellar

"So, you'll be Voltel, and you'll be Consuela." Ginny said to her newly catched Pokemon as she send them out.

The group kept walking, soon reaching the huge metropolitan city of Nimbasa. How are we gonna find the ship this way? Ginny thought, scared. Fortunately, a loud honk could be heard at the side of the city, Oh, that way, she thought upon hearing it.

"All right, let's go!" She yelled with excitement as she began running across the streets, with her Pokemon following her around.

As she ran across a huge street, surrounded by a lot of announcements, she could hear the honks growing in loudness. The ship was close, she could feel it, and she didn't wanted to miss it.

She heard some cries of pain, she turned around, her Pokemon were tired, they have been running around for more that fifteen minutes, but she hadn't noticed.

"It's okay, guys, take some rest." She took three Pokeballs from her pockets and sealed the Pokemon inside the capsules with red beams of light. Ginny resumed her race towards the ship when she heard another honk, this one, louder than ever, I can't loose that ship! She thought as she increased her speed.

She finally reached a pier, where the huge ship known as the S.S. Libra II was waiting.

"Last call, everybody, board the ship now!" A male voice yelled as a crowd of people in the pier slowly began to disperse.

"Wait!" Ginny yelled as she ran towards the ship with her ticket in her now extended hand.

She quickly reached the ship, and a man asked her for the ticket. Ginny happily delivered the object and boarded the ship, letting a sigh of relief as the ship slowly departed.

"That was close." She whispered.