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    Originally Posted by TornZero View Post

    It is a long game, I'll say that, but it's extremely easy to drop out and back in. It has a turn-based battle system, so you can literally just leave the game alone for hours on end in the middle of a long battle (or just open the pause menu while exploring Tartarus or anywhere, really, you can even stop while the characters are talking!), then come back in and pick the controller up like you never left. (I've actually done this myself a few times.) The only things you can't drop out of are the cutscenes, and those you can just skip through with the Start button to save time.
    I went ahead and ordered Persona 4 online, new and sealed, for a pretty good price. (around $15.) Decided to bring my PS2 with me to Ireland and buy a new memory card and controller since the ones I have are busted I think. Should find it at home in Ireland.
    I'm afraid watching the anime first wasn't a good idea since I probably spoiled (I guess you could say that...?) myself most of the game, but I sure hope not. If I end up liking the game I'll definitely buy Persona 3 FES on PSN.

    On Persona 4: Arena related things...

    THAT DAMAGE! I also think it's pretty cool she has a Hazama alt color.

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