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Mako Reese

Like some sort of divine intervention, the darkness was abruptly interrupted by daylight. Mako moved to shield his eyes, but before he knew it, he was pushed out by...something. Landing on his feet, he surveyed his surroundings. It looked like there was a new foe among them. "Hey! If you're so friendly, stop messing with us and tell us what you're doing!" Lucy said. Clearly Mako understood the situation less than he thought. From what he could gather, this guy, whoever he was, was threatening Lucy and Amethyst. Granted, it could have been inadvertent, but from his experience that wasn't much of a matter when it came to these girls. This guy was probably going to get killed, and that's the type of thing that he wanted to avoid, at least until he knew his intentions. Similarly, he didn't want the girls to get hurt, and he had no idea what this mystery man was capable of.

"How about we take care of him?" Kraus asked, with excitement seething through his voice. "We don't have to kill him, let's just rough him up a bit." Kraus had gotten over the spat that had happened between the two previously, at least for the time being.

"Last time I let you help me I woke up in Floaroma Town, and that was today." Mako said in response.

"If it makes you feel any better, I don't know what happened after that, either. I thought I could take over a broken host and, well, it didn't go over so well." Mako was surprised to hear this, he was sure that it was Kraus that was responsible for his Blackout Journey, but he was as in the dark about the affair as Mako was. No pun intended. "Don't worry, I'm not going to try to take your body this time. There's some fresh meat over there and I want to see what this body can do. If not for me, do it for the girls." Mako smiled, Kraus may have been a devious bugger, but he did have the capabilities of being reasonable once in a while.

"But still, we're not even sure that this guy's an enemy." Mako said, looking at him.

"Only one way to find out."

After saying Kraus' this, Mako felt strange. He felt empty, the inside of his body felt like an inexplicable black void. Then, like a Black Hole regressing into a supernova, Mako felt an explosion of energy. Maybe he wasn't the strongest Pokewielder, but this was his first time "merging" with Kraus without becoming Creed (when he becomes Creed, the process is called "synchronization"), and the feeling that came from his first time was most certainly unique. "Amy, down girl," Mako said. He certainly felt more confident, and not really like himself, but at the same time, he did. He took off his sweatshirt and his wool gloved and set them ablaze with Dragon Breath. "I'll take care of this guy," Mako said, moving in front of Amethyst.

Kraus laughed to himself and said"Be careful there, partner. You may be stronger, but you're not the king of the world; don't go crazy." Despite the fact the Mako thought this feeling was due to the merger, for the most part this was a simple adrenaline rush born from this being his first merging, so he felt stronger than he actually was. Kraus was aware of this, but he knew that Mako would make for a more admirable and worthy foe if he didn't know this; he thought it'd be a better idea to let Mako figure this out by himself.
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