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Route 206

To Amethyst's... What's the word? Surprise? No, more like annoyance. To Amethyst's annoyance, Dinnerman had taken a place right in front of her, and even let out a "down girl" remark. When he walked by she nearly bit his finger off, but decided against it. I hope he gets taken down, that'll make my day. She moved herself backward, standing close by her new best friend Lucy.

If Lucy looked at her, or felt her, she see that her right "soft blue" eye was flickering, the pupil slitting a bit to nearly match her left "ruby red" eye, and even turning a shade of light purple, on and off; her body was still tensed, and the occasional twitch and jitter seemed to emanate from her shoulders, legs, and various body parts. Even hair bright red hair seemed to flick and dance about, though there was no wind to push it.

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