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Love Transcends Anything

Rating: T | Genre: Romance | Alternate Universe | Leading Male: Prince Chris Gramenia | Leading Female: Princess Taylor Petruvia | Supporting Male: King Jake Gramenia | Supporting Female: Queen Shay Petruvia | Antagonists: King Matthew Petruvia III ; Lord Mark Sorcia ; Lady Evelyn Gorcea

In the medieval period of the world, there was a region that were fought by two superpower kingdoms that ruled most of the region. At the west, Kingdom Petruvia stands which is led by King Matthew Petruvia III and Queen Shay Petruvia. At the east, Kingdom Gramenia rules that part of the region which is led by King Jake Gramenia and Queen Solana Gramenia. Both kingdoms bore one successor to the throne. In Kingdom Petruvia, we have Princess Taylor Petruvia, and in Kingdom Gramenia, we have Prince Chris Gramenia, both 18 years of age. Princess Taylor Petruvia has a radiant skin tone, with her slightly auburn hair flows from her head till at the midpoint wherein it curls until to the bottom, wearing a beautiful blue gown that captures her sapphire eyes. Prince Chris Gramenia has a fair complexion with dark chocolate eyes as pure as his mother's eyes but as strong as his father's eyes. He wears an elegant green suit that defines Kingdom Gramenia as a whole. Both of them wear their crown that symbolizes their respective kingdom.

This is a story about love and sacrifices. This particular event will change and define the two kingdoms forever.

On a particular sunny morning in the land of Petruvia, Princess Taylor woke up from a deep slumber.

"Hmmm. Time to get up." The princess said as she lazily stood up and went to her bathroom to freshen up.

On the other side of the region, this time in the land of Gramenia, Prince Chris also woke up just like Princess Taylor did.

"*yawn*... Okay, let's get moving!" The Gramenian Prince said while energetically stood up and got ready for today's activities.

In Castle Petruvia, The princess finished her morning rituals and went downstairs to eat her breakfast. At the dining hall, her eyes fell upon her parents, the royal couple of Kingdom Petruvia, King Matthew and Queen Shay.

"Good morning Mother, Good morning Father, how are you this fine day?" The princess asked while she sat near her parents and started eating a croissant.

"We're fine, my child." Queen Shay said before taking another bite of her scrambled egg.

"Taylor, Lord Mark wants to see you in Ravida later. Do you want to take the Royal Carriage?" The King asked his daughter after he took a bite from his bread. Lord Mark was actually Princess Taylor's "fiancé". The princess hated Lord Mark. But if she wishes to be the next queen of her kingdom, she must marry him to ascend to the throne.

"I think a carriage and maybe 3 guards will suffice for me to prevent attracting attention." The Petruvian Princess said smartly. She didn't know that this decision will change her life and her kingdom forever.

Ravida was located near the border of Petruvia and Gramenia. Because of this, it had become the town wherein the leaders of both kingdoms handle relations to each other. However, since the two kingdoms are currently feuding with each other, Ravida isn't much as lively as the years before.

Meanwhile, at Castle Gramenia, Prince Chris went to the dining hall for breakfast. As the doors open, the prince's eyes gazed upon his parents, the royal couple of Kingdom Gramenia, King Jake Gramenia and Queen Solana Gramenia.

"Good Morning Mother, Good Morning Father, Isn't it a lovely day?" The Gramenian Prince asked while sitting near to his parents and sipping from his juice.

"Why, yes it is my son!" Queen Solana said before taking another sip from her soup.

"So, have you got any plans for today, Chris?" King Jake asked his son after he took a sip from his coffee.

"Well, Lady Evelyn wants to talk to me in Excalestes after breakfast. I don't know why though. I mean, she is my best friend and all but meeting her in Excalestes seems a little weird... Oh well... Time to go! See you later Father, Mother." The Prince said while finishing his juice and went to his horse and went on his way. Lady Evelyn was actually Prince Chris' bestfriend. She and him used to play every day in the castle when they were young. Nowadays, she just visits from time to time. Like Princess Taylor, Prince Chris must find a bride if he wants to ascend to the throne.

Excalestes is the 3rd largest city in Kingdom Gramenia. Excalestes was actually near to Ravida. Because of this, Excalestes was more known as the Entry Point Of Kingdom Gramenia.

Meanwhile, on the way to Ravida, Princess Taylor bade farewell to her parents and went on her way with her 3 guards and her carriage. Since the road to Ravida was about 23 kilometers from the Castle, it was a long ride. About halfway through the path, Bandits from out of nowhere suddenly attacked the carriage.

"Hya!" "Wahoo!" "Yeah!" The bandits fought the guards head on. Due to the situation, Princess Taylor kept quiet to avoid being noticed. Unfortunately, the guards were defeated and the bandits took the carriage along with Princess Taylor.

The bandits went south as it passed Ravida and Excalestes. Somewhere along the trip, one of the bandits however managed to get into the carriage and found Princess Taylor. She, however screamed for help and tried to kick the bandit as hard as she could to prevent the bandit from hurting her.

Meanwhile, on the road to Excalestes, Prince Chris heard cries of help and soon enough, a carriage sped through the woods and passed the prince. He raced to the carriage and soon enough, he reached to the driver and punched the bandit to the face.

The driver lost balance and fell to the ground. The carriage was then put to a halt. Prince Chris then opened the door and pulled the bandit out of the carriage. Prince Chris then punched the bandit into his gut and threw him to the woods.

He checks inside the carriage and what he saw was indescribable.

Princess Taylor's reaction was also the same. Both of the royalties just looked at each other while both of them slightly blushing and their mouths agape.

"Uhh... Are you alright milady?" Prince Chris broke the silence.

"Uhh... Yes. I'm fine, good sir." Princess Taylor thanked the kind noble. Somehow, strange feelings had just occurred somewhere inside her body but she can't somehow explain it.

"Um, kind sir, can I ask where am I? I was supposed to go to Ravida before my carriage was hijacked." The Petruvian Princess asked The Gramenian Prince.

"Well, you're just at the outskirts o- Wait. Are you from the Kingdom of Petruvia, milady?" The prince asked her slightly shocked.

"Why? Am I in the Kingdom of Gramenia, good sir?" It was the princess' turn to ask.

"Well, you're just at the outskirts of Excalestes, so that means you're in the Kingdom of Gramenia." The prince calmly explained.

"Oh no! My dad is going to lock me in the dungeon if he knows I got in Gramenian soil." The princess went hysterical after that.

"It's okay, milady. You know what, I'll take you to Ravida. I don't really care if I get caught or anything." The prince suggested.

"Are you sure? I mean, you just rescued me, I think it's a bit too much if you escort me to Ravida." The princess said with a hint of concern.

"Oh, it's nothing. I want to help." The prince said with concern.

"Ummm.. Okay. Let's go!" The Petruvian Princess said with glee.

As they ride to Ravida, a question popped up on the princess' mind.

"Good sir, may I please ask your name?" The princess asked.

"My name is Prince Chris Gramenia of Kingdom Gramenia." The prince said modestly.

"Really?" The princess was really shocked!

"So his name is Prince Chris? What a beautiful name... Wait, what am I thinking? He's of Gramenian descent. I shouldn't even talk to him... But, his eyes.. Ugh!" The princess fought with herself.

"Umm, milady?"

"Umm, yes?" The princess stopped her train of thought.

"May I ask your beautifu- I mean your name?" Prince Chris stuttered.

"Well, I'm Princess Taylor Petruvia of Kingdom Petruvia." The princess said sheepishly.

"What?! She's the princess of Petruvia?! Even though, her hair does flow really nice with the wi- Wait. what am I saying? She's not my kind. But still, her face... Darn it..." The prince also faced a similar dilemma.

By the time they know it, they already arrived at Ravida.

"Here you go, Princess." The prince said while helping her get down from the horse.

"Thank you, Prince Chris!" The princess said thankfully.

"Please, call me Chris." He said gesturingly.

"Thank you Chris! Well, I must get going." The princess said.

"Wait, princess!" Chris hollered.

"Please, Chris, call me Taylor. Well, what is it?" Taylor asked Chris.

"Ummm... Can I see you again? Maybe tomorrow?" Chris asked with a tinge of blush forming from his face.

"Ummm... Sure! That be great! Well, I'll see you tomorrow?" Taylor asked Chris with also the same blush forming from her face.

Unbeknownst to them, two figures from different places saw the event and are planning something sinister. Very sinister.

After that fateful encounter, Princess Taylor and Prince Chris spent every day with each other, either going to Ravida or Excalestes, having fun like the fighting of their kingdoms were oblivious to them. Unfortunately, two people had enough of this foolishness and went to the castle of their respective kingdoms.

At Castle Petruvia:

The male mystery figure enters the chambers of the throne while bowing down to the king and queen.

"Your majesty, I have news about your daughter. Very bad news." The mystery figure informed the royal couple.

"What is it, Lord Mark Sorcia? Is she injured?" King Matthew exclaimed.

"No, Your Majesty... It's much worse!" Lord Mark said while smirking under his breath.

At Castle Gramenia:

This time, the female mystery figure enters the throne room while bowing down to the royal couple.

"Your majesty, I received word about Prince Chris that you should know about." The mystery figure said.

"What is it, Lady Evelyn Gorcea? Is my son in danger?" King Jake asked.

"No, Your Majesty. But this is more urgent than anything." Lady Evelyn exclaimed while also smirking under her breath.

In the Outskirts of Ravida and Excalestes:

"That was fun, Chris! I hope we do that again next time!" Taylor said excitedly.

"I know, Taylor. The fun part is when the guy stumbled on the wood..." Chris said while chuckling.

"Thanks for everything, Chris." Taylor thanked Chris.

"Don't mention it, Taylor." Chris said to Taylor.

Their eyes just stared at each other, their faces slowly inch towards each other, slowly closed their eyes, and their lips met for the first time. The kiss lasted for 10 seconds but for them, it felt like an hour. Unfortunately, they had to part for air.

"I love you Chris." Taylor said truthfully.

"I love you too Taylor." Chris said it with compassion.

Chris then took Taylor to Ravida since he can't venture out to other parts of Petruvia.

"Bye Taylor!" Chris exclaimed.

"Bye Chris!" Taylor hollered back.

So the two lovebirds split for the day. Unbeknownst to the two of them, they will receive shocking news when they arrive at their castles.

At Castle Petruvia:

"Mother, Father, I'm home!" Princess Taylor hollered but the sound of angry footsteps echoed the halls of the castle.

Soon, King Matthew stormed in, furious. Queen Shay tried to calm him down, but to no avail.

"You! We raised you well, fed you right, and you repay us by being with that, that, Gramenian Prince?!?!" The king furiously shouted.

"B-bu-but..." The Petruvian Princess was at loss for words. For starters, how did the king managed to know the secret?

"From now on, I forbid you to see him!" The king continued.

"What, that's unfair! Father, you don't understand, I LOVE HIM!!! Oops." Princess Taylor snapped but quickly shut her mouth but it was too late.

"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That's IT! I HAVE ENOUGH OF YOUR INSOLENCE. FROM NOW ON, YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO EXIT YOUR OWN ROOM!" The King said furiously as he commanded all of the generals to prepare for war.

The princess just wept as she went to her room. Her mother quickly followed.

Meanwhile, at Castle Gramenia:

“Mother, Father, I’m home!” Prince Chris hollered as King Jake went towards the Gramenian Prince.

“Son, we need to talk.” The king said as the two of them went to Prince Chris’ chambers.

“What is it, Father?” The prince asked.

“We know all about you and the Petruvian Princess.” The King explained.

“What? So, that’s why Father was so bent out of shape.” Back at Castle Petruvia, Princess Taylor and Queen Shay also talked to each other about the problem at hand.

“Yes, my child. You know, I was once had a relationship with the King of Gramenia when we were your age.” The queen smiled at that thought.

“Really, Father? You once had a relationship with the Queen of Petruvia?!?” The Gramenian Prince said unbelievably as the King told his side of the story.

“Yes, it is true, my son. Back then, we met each other at a Ravida Diplomacy Meeting before the feuding of our two kingdoms began.”

“Really, Mother? Was it love at first sight?” The princess asked.

“Why, you could say it is. We spent every day with each other, like our duties were not a bother.” The queen reminisced.

“So, what happened father?” Prince Chris asked his father.

“Well, we were planning to marry but our parents disagreed with the thought. And that’s when the feuding began. It lasted for 35 years and will show no sign of stopping.” The King said.

“And since you two started dating, your father disagrees with the thought of a Gramenian Prince ruling our kingdom. So, the feuding got worse as he is preparing war on the Gramenians.” The queen said worringly.

“What? We have to stop him!” The princess said as she ran to stop her father from making a huge mistake, leaving her mother in the dust. The queen though, doesn’t mind that her daughter is risking her life for this prince.

“She did what I couldn’t do.” The queen stated.

Back in Castle Gramenia, the alarm goes off signaling that the Petruvian troops are closing in on the castle.

“We have to move now!” King Jake said as he draws the sword and went outside the castle.

“Wait, Father, I’ll come too!” Prince Chris pleaded his father. The Gramenian King approves and the both of them venture out together.

On the battlefield, Petruvian forces pushes on nearing the Gramenian troops. But even before the two forces even lay a finger on their enemies, a loud scream was heard.

STOP THIS INSANITY!” All of the people looked back and saw the Petruvian princess.

Princess Taylor then went to the middle of the two forces. Prince Chris then saw his love and went into the middle also.

“Why do we have to fight? Can’t you see we love each other?” Princess Taylor cried out.

“Yes, we don’t want our future kingdoms broken because of this!” Prince Chris also cried out.

“Yes! Let’s stop this insanity!” “Yeah!” All of the forces cried out, all agreeing with the future rulers of their kingdom, all but one.


“Why, Father? Because he is of Gramenian descent?” Princess Taylor exclaimed.

"Why, isn't it obvious, princess? I don't even know if I can call you that." The king was dead serious.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty, I’m not like those one that you say you think. I will treat your daughter fairly, with justice, and I will love her forever, and I will never lay a finger on her.” The prince defended himself.

Kingdom Gramenia backed up Prince Chris but Kingdom Petruvia was still opposing. However, King Matthew silenced them all.

The king thought about it for a minute and finally broke the silence.

“Well, in that case, you have my blessing!” The king finally said.

The two royalties then kissed each other and everyone cheered... except Lord Mark and Lady Evelyn who was lurking in the shadows, cursing under their breath.

6 months have passed and relations between Kingdom Petruvia and Kingdom Gramenia is better than the last 600 years. It was so good that the rulers of both Kingdom Petruvia and Gramenia both agreed that if the two successors would marry, then the two kingdoms will become one and will be Kingdom Petrenia.

As Prince Chris and Princess Taylor were walking in the streets of Ravida, Prince Chris asked a favor.

"My dear princess, can you wait me at the town square? I have to get something from somewhere. Is it okay?" The Gramenian Prince asked.

"Of course, my dear prince. I shall meet you again in the town square." The princess said. She trusted Prince Chris that greatly. Soon, both of them split up.

After a few minutes of waiting in the town square, Princess Taylor then saw Prince Chris from the crowd. Prince Chris then raced for the princess.

"Princess, I have known you since the incident in the outskirts of Excalestes..." The prince said truthfully. Somehow, the princess knows what's going to happen but she waited if her suspicions are confirmed.

"And I still remember 6 moths ago, when your father agreed us on being together..." The prince continued. The princess cannot believe this but somehow she is near to tears.

Then, the prince knelt on one knee and asked...

"Princess Taylor Odette Petruvia, will you marry me?" Prince Chris asked while showing her a ring that has a red ruby on the west side of the ring, symbolizing Kingdom Petruvia, a blue sapphire on the east side of the ring, symbolizing Kingdom Gramenia, and a green emerald shining at the center, symbolizing the unity of both kingdoms and the places that the royalties visited 6 months before, and all three making a shape of a circle. Princess Taylor was speechless and simply cried, not because of sorrow or shock, but because of joy.

"YES! YES, OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU!" The princess finally said as the two of them kissed and the audience around them cheered. On the next 30 days, they got married and Princess Taylor was crowned as Queen of the newly-unified Kingdom Petrenia and Prince Chris as King of Kingdom Petrenia.

When the heavy rainfall season ends, it is drawn out by warm sunlight to dance in the open.

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