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    Bay startled back at once. Not so much out of fear as surprise when the seemingly insane female released a male boy around his age out of her stomach. So she wasn't pregnant after all Bay sighed in relief. He wasn't sure what to do if he had to fight a pregnant person.

    "Hey! If you're so friendly, stop messing with us and tell us what you're doing!"she exclaimed, sounding pretty mad.

    She must not be human, or at least a regular human. The boy, who seemed somewhat startled from being abruptly released from the belly of the female, seemed to be debating on fighting too After contemplating it the boy seemed to be merging with a Pokespirit. Bay sighed, he felt like he wasn't going to be leaving without a fight. Here he was stuck in a conflict now with three Pokewielders and one supernatural cannibal.

    The boy who was merging emitted a dark like aura to Bay and he seemed to be ready to fight. This guy was a natural fighter and was possibly the strongest of the group but he was the one who seemed to be going all-out as he was semi-merging with his Pokespirit. The other female, who took offense first with out warning, had an odd air about her and Bay knew that someone here was going to be leaving here brutally injured at the very least. The boy stepped forward in front of this girl as if he was going to be first to fight and threw his shirt off. No sooner afterwards he burnt it with a flame emitted from his mouth. "What a show off." Flow said.

    After this thought Bay's skin felt jumpy and although he didn't realize it, his hair popped out of the ponytail tinting it from black to blackish-brown and his regular ears slowly changed into fox-like ones. He didn't know it but he was partially merging with he Pokespirit like the other boy.

    Bay attempted to get one last warning to the group before fighting. "If you wish not to fight, now is the time to say so, but If you all want to fight I prefer that you all not massacre me at once unless it can't be avoided" Bay said with a calm grin on his face. "I think we are going in for the fight of our life" Bay said to Flow who cautiously replied "You better not die now."

    Bay looked coldly ahead, looking at every movement of the three figures ahead of him, prepared to fight and prepared for diplomacy or at least a way to get out of this unscathed.

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