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    I use GIMP 2.6 for my graphics tool. I make all my artwork from scratch, my complete digital illustrations are standard desktop BG size, and I think I've been getting better. xP

    Anyway, both positive and negative feedback is much appreciated

    For those who want to help me improve, just be honest with me, what you didn't like or what you like about certain pieces.

    Going to post this from old Pokemon pieces to new ones

    Old piece, I don't really use Sai too often, my proportions were still way off :/

    One of my first actual Paintings :3 Anyway one of my favorite Legendary Pokemon

    I was still trying to figure out how to make Backgrounds x(

    This was a small animation project I did, I use it for my transitions of my top tens I make on YouTube :3

    I wuv Axew :3

    I believe this to be my finest. An actual Background, a bunch of characters, and some sort of setting to go along with it

    It's Rapidash, nuff said

    I like Keldeo more, but Cobolain is also kind of cool :3

    I just use this as my ID on DA.

    Tried to copy a scene from my experience of PMD

    This is my favorite close up portrait

    Think I'm starting to get contrast down pretty well. This was just simply a one hour doodle. xP

    This was for a friends birthday. Ampharos is his favorite Pokemon. I think I'm getting much better with everything though this was a bit rushed due to deadlines. I'm well aware the lighthouse didn't turn out the best xP

    Well, that's all I have for the time being, I'll be updating this later
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    Video game related top tens anyone?
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