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    Hi, I don't find a thread like this, thus, I make one.

    So, Which one do your prefer ? Why (just the body, the skin color) ?

    Which moove pool do you prefer ?


    Don't say the twins

    We suppose you are N and you have to choose one (We don't considerate the version white or black).

    I prefer the black color, and the form of Zekrom (The one that we can see on the main page). I prefer also his eyescolor.

    But I am a great fan of Fire Type. So, I choose Reshiram as my favourite.

    For the moove pool, I don't remember excatly, but I think about his "ultimate" fire attack. With an ct flame-thrower. + One dragon attack (I hesitate which one) andthe last, I don't know (dragon attack or another).

    - Ultimate fire attack (of Reshiram the attack with benefith alliance with the same attack for Zekrom)
    - Flame-Thrower
    - Dragon attack (I don't know exactly which one)
    - Dragon attack or another attack. (I am not in situation, I have the time to think about it).
    I'm not English. Don't hesitate to correct me. This is the way I can progress.
    Black team :
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