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    Hello, here is my SU. Hope everything is in order! Let me know if anything needs to be tweaked before I jump into the story :]

    Name: Alex Rouse

    Nickname (Optional): n/a

    Age (10-13): 12

    Sex (Male or Female): Male

    Appearance: Alex wears an old pair of black shorts that are help up by a bit of red ribbon tied around his waist. He has a grey and green striped tank top on as well that has a black pocket on the front. Messy dark brown hair just past his ears and green eyes. Often runs around barefoot.

    Personality: Alex is very calculated despite his age. He is very cautious and tends to wait before making a move depending on who or what he is around. This carefullness often causes him to over think however and sometimes he can miss out on advantageous opportunities because of his nature.

    History: Alex was born in Oreburgh city, his father worked in the mine with a team of miners and was a long time friend of Oreburghs gym leader, Roark. When the pokemon began to vanish it became clear how much work depended on them, including the work in the mines. Times became very hard on his family and Alex's father left for Vielstone city to gamble away what little money they had left at the game corner. He was gone for a month. One day a large group of men from team plasma showed up at his house asking for his father. They were here to collect on the debt his father owed one way or another, and when they could not pay with money the members of team plasma took Alex as payment instead. Once at Veilstone city Alex was forced to work in the game corner tending to the high rollers as a personal waiter, but before the end of the first day as a slave worker he escaped and ran towards home as fast as he could. By the time he reached Oreburgh it was too late however. Inside his home Alex was greeted by a familiar face though it was not his mothers. Roark stood with a cold, sad look on his face as he told they boy that his mother was gone. Team Plasma had taken her too, and to where no one knew. Alex ran for the mines to hide, tears streaking down his face, and it was inside the mines that he was confronted by the pokespirit of his fathers pokemon.

    Species: Crobat

    Nickname (Optional): Jaqen

    Personality: (Can be as short or long as you want): Mean spirited after being used to work constantly and being abandoned by trainer. Feels betrayed and wants revenge for its own pain

    Moves: Toxic/Confuse Ray/Bite/Double Team/Acrobatics/Mean Look

    Other (Optional): After fusing with the crobat Alex gained a heightened state of some of his senses. His eye sight became considerably better as well as his reflexes and movement speed while he was synced. The four wings that emerged from his back granted him a sort of glide ability, though he has not practiced enough to have full flight capabilities yet. His favorite method of catching prey, whoever that might be, is by means of ambush from his nearly silent movements.

    Opening Post : The Oreburgh mines were dark and damp, a surrounding most people would find avoidable, but Alex felt more at home in these tunnels than anywhere else. He was huddled against the wall with his knees tucked firmly to his chest when he first heard it.

    "Can it be? After all this..unf..time you came back here? No...something is..mmrnh...different...ahh, the boy. That is why your spirit seemed to be his."

    "H-hello? Who are yourself!" The voice seemed so close, it was as if someone was right on top of him. Alex stood and spun around the cave, searching for the one who was speaking to him.

    "Heh...if you insist I you."

    Alex felt a quick and sudden breeze blow by in the tunnel just before he was thrown to the ground by the sheer force of something hitting him right in the gut. He cried out in pain, the sound echoing off the tunnel walls and bouncing back at him as if a crowd had gathered to mock him.

    "Yes...share my pain and understand what it means to...hhrrun...use its power."

    The voice was coming from iside of him, like it was his own thoughts, but Alex certainly wasn't the one creating them or this pain he was feeling. He slowly crawled to his feet to stand as the pain dwindled down to a more tolerable level, four sleak wings now stiff at his shoulders. The mine was more alive than he had ever noticed before, sights and sounds were all around him.

    "What is happening? Who are you?"

    "I am you as much as you are me now...and we..unf..are hungry."
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