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Mako Reese

A voice from somewhere tried to stop the fight, saying that the odds weren't in the other man's favor. Being that Kraus also had no physical form and, at least to Mako's knowledge, he couldn't assume physical form, he decided to write it off as a wandering pokespirit. "This is getting annoying, let's just figh-" Mako stopped himself in his tracks. His words weren't synchronizing with his intentions. The man offered diplomacy and Mako wanted to fight. Something was wrong. "K-Kraus...what did you do to me?" Mako asked, his adrenaline running on low. Even if it was pure adrenaline, there's no energy surge in the world that would make such a radical personality difference. His intention was to protect the three of them, even if it meant getting hurt, and this wasn't how that plan was supposed to be executed.

Kraus, in response, laughed. It was muffled, and he tried to stay silent. He couldn't help it, this idiot actually lent his body over to Kraus, so to speak. Kraus was more in control of Mako's psyche and mentality than ever. "You're such a freakin' idiot! I am honestly surprised that you're that stupid. Granted, I wasn't lying, I indeed wanted to fight this guy, but I wanted to tear him limb from limb." Mako looked at the characters around him, then he looked at his charred gloves and sweat shirt.

He looked to Bay and said, "If you're really not here to fight us, then take your hands away from any potential weapons. Put your hands up and walk over." He then walked over to the girls and said, "Amy, sorry about that belittling comment back there. That wasn't least, I don't think it was." He looked down for a few moments and them back up again and said, "I really should thank you guys for all of your help, if it wasn't for you then I'd probably be dead, for reasons I'm still trying to figure out. Clearly I can't trust this pokespirit of mine and I have blackouts on occasion, but I am putting you two in danger by being here. I'm off to Pastoria, I hope we meet again." With that, he handed his beanie to Lucy and set off for the woods to pass by Eterna City without being noticed.
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