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Originally Posted by Red99 View Post
Username: Red99,
I think Fire is the strongest, and I like red, which is the color of fire.
And, how do I contribute to events?
Okay, you're in!

Answering your question, the contribution is basically ideas that get accepted. Which means, any event idea to do with Fire Types are allowed.

Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
Your Username: Seraphimon-sama
Partner Pokemon: Blaziken (nicknamed Agunimon), Charmander (nicknamed BurningGreymon)
Why do you like Fire-Types?: Fire-Types, in my honest opinion are the best choice for battling due to their pure strength and also when trained right, can easily destroy any opponent.

In reply to the current topic: I actually don't have a strategy or anything for finding Fire-Types as I run into them randomly, but there are no Fire-Types yet that I do not like.
Okay, you are in!

Originally Posted by Curtis talli View Post
If it is okay I'd like to join this club

Username:Curtis Talli
Parter Pokemon:Flareon( Rickson) and Pansear(flamie)
Why do you like Fire-Types?: I like fire pokemon because they can be really strong in battle.

How do you choose Fire Types, and are there any you dislike ?
I try to use each one at least once in each Game and Personally dislike Victini as it wins to easily.
Okay, you're in!

Time for a new Topic!

New topic: Blaine and Flint are Fire-Type Specialists. What are your views on them?