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    Newbridge town:

    -this is where you start off the game, its finished, theres not much else to do

    Road 1:

    -I'm working on adding a secret passage, barely noticeable, that you will have to back to after half-way through the game/post game sidequest, but for now, its done

    Cyan City:

    -I need advice, I was originally going to make 1 gym with a series of 16 leaders, but now i'm thinking of having 3 gyms with 5 leaders, or 5 gyms with 3 leaders, the final gym will be hidden away [you only need to beat 8, the rest are optional, but you get useful key items for each one after 8 you beat]
    -the rest of the city is pretty much finished

    Road 3 [exit left via cyan city]:

    -this is the road to the pokemon reservation, the eliteX, and many more things, its one of the last things in the game, and theres no need to finish this part, the road is finished.

    Road 2 [exit up via cyan city]

    -the road to the secret forest (there are around 5 [give or take 2] secret areas, with 2 visible areas) theres a lake/pond area with an unfinished secret area to euphoria springs
    -also the way to a mysterious cavern, with many many secret areas as well
    -except for the secret area to the springs, it is finished

    Stannum City:

    -I'm still working on this, the museum is the place filled with scientists who give information on pokemon, as well as areas (also where you find archaeologists, and excavators who give hints on hidden areas) (also a place where you can find books and read on various areas)
    -the science lab will be turned into something else, most likely a gym, depending on any ideas I get for the gym idea I have
    -This is 80% done, I need to move things around, and then add another route to a few other areas I wasnt planning on until now
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