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    Blaine was quite a cool Fire Type Specialist, who did have some GOOD Fire Type Pokemon. Have a look at the Flint you have in D/P, many Pokemon he has aren't actually Fire-type. Luckily they did solve the "Pokemon" problem in Platinum, but he's still not MUCH of a challenge. The only thing that did trouble me once was his Infernape's Thunder-punch. Basically I had Infernape too, and I like to do same Species battles, and despite having loads of Infernape's HP go, I just let it spam Thunder-Punches and Close Combats. As for Blaine, he always actually had a variety. Even though I like Flint's personality better, Blaine is actually the best out of the two in my opinion.

    Well, maybe many people would know Blaine (Since he's appeared in FOUR Generations) and they probably would know about Flint (Why didn't they name him with a Fiery name, NOT a mineral?).

    Well that's just my bit on the side. Any other opinions, remember, are allowed, so don't be afraid to share your opinions!