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    Germanpokefan, if you read my list I already have a Modest Genesect with near flawless IVs from the Japan WiFi Event, however if it has another nature like Timid I may consider it.

    And 10th Anniversary Events were Generation 3 Events, while of course being able to be Pal Park'd to Gen 4 and Poketransferred to Gen 5.

    And yes I do need 10Jahre anniversary events just check my list for what I already have please.

    Friend Codes (Mainly Use 5th Gen):

    WHITE - 2022 6408 0629
    PLATINUM - 5329 7867 7289

    Also have Pokemon Pearl, Platinum, and SoulSilver.
    I even have a JPN Pokemon HeartGold.
    However I rarely use my 4th Gen Games for WiFi anymore.