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In other American Political/Election news, Republican Todd Akin, currently fighting for a senate seat from Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill in the state of Missouri, is in very hot water over his comments about abortion laws, specifically about how he believed women's bodies could fight off pregnancy from "legitimate" rape.

This implies, say many, that there are some kinds of rapes which are okay, which is why Akin has been under pressure to step down from the race. Akin claims he merely misspoke, but others have said his words exemplify the stance held by many far-right Republicans who believe abortion exceptions for rape will mean women will lie about being raped in order to have abortions.

News sources currently say there is no language in the proposed abortion stance in the anti-abortion platform for Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney that will include exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

tl;dr Old man doesn't understand how pregnancy works, does not understand seriousness of rape. Old man also wants to be your senator.
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