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    Originally Posted by RPD490 View Post
    I think this hack would work well with RichterSnipes's GB Sound hack, then we have old school revamped sprites, and old school 8-Bit music to help us lighten the mood. However I seen that combining those two things together doesn't result Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Once I left the house in Pallet both of the houses, as well as the terrain were glitched up, the GB Sounds works, but the Sprites did not XD
    I have an explanation for that, but first, this:

    Originally Posted by LightOfTruth View Post
    The original music of this small hack of pokemon red will go nicely with your hack:

    The owner said it was okay to stick the lite version in any hack
    I tested a patched ROM with both my most recent Lite version and captnotatroll's patch stacked together, and they work fine. The problem is that both my "Xtra" patch and captnotatroll's graphics hack have new data located around 0x71A200. His is for sprites, mine is for tweaked events and features. Because of this, the second patch would overwrite the changes of the first patch in that area, and functions from the first patch applied will be lost.

    RPD490, I'm assuming you used an older version since you didn't specify which version it was. If you get my newest release it'll have the Lite patch for you.

    And as for the overwriting thing? Well, I can't promise you that I'll change the locations of things in my Xtra patch (or whatever it may become) to play nice with this patch. Hackers don't generally consider other existing hacks when placing new things into the game. Having things work out well with multi-patching is usually just a nice coincidence!
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