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Originally Posted by TheFattestSnorlax View Post
Okay, here I go. Sounds interesting so I'll join.

Preferred In-Game Name: Evan
Trainer Overworld Sprite: Rich Boy from R/B/E
Trainer Battle Sprite: Ethan from HG/SS
Pokémon #1: Blastoise
Pokémon #2: Pidgeot
Pokémon #3: Typhlosion
Pokémon #4: Sceptile
Pokemon #5: Munchlax
Pokémon #6: Snorlax
Overworld Speech: So, you've come to the Tower to battle too? It doesn't matter, you'll still lose anyway to my Pokemon!
Battle End Victory Speech: Sorry about the loss. I'm sure you'll do better next time you face me!
Battle End Loss Speech: How the heck did I lose???

I hope you understand. I don't want my Overworld Sprite and the Battle Sprite get mixed up. I'm also sure you can figure out my levels and movesets for my Pokemon as well.
Of course! Levels are easy, and moves take me but a few minutes per Trainer. No problems here!

Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
Preferred In-Game Name:James
Trainer Type: Dark
Pokémon #1:
Absol Item: black glasses
Night slash
Psycho Cut
Sucker Punch

Pokémon #2:
Honchkrow Item: Sharp Beak
Foul Play
Sky Attack

Pokémon #3:
Hydreigon Item: Dragon Fang
Draco meteor
Body Slam

Pokémon #4:
Bisharp Item: Metal Coat
Metal Burst
Iron Head
Night Slash
Psycho Cut

Pokemon #5:
Zoroark Item: Blackglasses
Night Daze
Night Slash

Pokémon #6:
*Weavile* Item: NeverMeltIce
Beat up
Ice Beam
Ice punch
Night Slash

Weavile is my signature Pokemon Gym leader maybe =3
Please review my "IMPORTANT NOTES" section. I stated some key rules to follow there, such as no 5th generation Pokémon. Plus, no legendary Pokémon are allowed. Fix your entry to comply with the rules, and I'll review it again.

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