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Originally Posted by Curtis talli View Post
this may be off topic: but what about flannery from R/S/E ?
We will bring that topic on soon, but basically we're comparing Blaine and Flint right now.

@U Shivam: Indeed they did solve his Pokemon Problem somewhat in Pokemon Platinum, since they brought Pokemon such as Houndour into Sinnoh, and now there's more choice for Fire Types.

That was pretty much one of the things I disliked about D/P/Platinum. Just when you enter the door to the hyper Flint, after Rapidash and Infernape, you find out that some of his Pokemon aren't Fire Types (Especially Steelix, who is WEAK to Fire). He had a good personality, but he just dissapointed me because of a lack of Fire-Types. However, that could be understandable, since Sinnoh IS quite a cold region (Because of only two lines of them in D/P).