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    Originally Posted by Slike View Post
    Thanks! Emerald would be a lot harder to pull off, though. Tons of plot comes in where you would have to screw things up a lot to maintain the "backwards" aspect (WHY IS RAYQUAZA HERE BEFORE THE FIRST GYM, etc etc), so more power to you if you manage that. There's also the issue of getting dive before you even get surf, which is just silly. If I do another Pokemon Hack like this (I probably will), it'll most likely be of Crystal. Granted, I still have the whirlpool problem.
    Probably the best thing to do to reverse Emerald would be to start from Littleroot but make it so you can go to Route 103 (where you battle May/Brendan for the first time) so you can head right and make it so you can just head straight to Mauville City. I dunno. :/
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