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    Little update.
    This morning I'll have enough time to work on my tool, so I use to fix some bug and add new features.
    1) Now you can add new (completely new) polygon to the map (Only test on twinleaf town, but seemed work fine). When you click add button, you can choose texture, palette and size of new polygon.
    2) Decide to use decimal point value instead of hex (For coordinates I think it's better)
    3) Fix bug with Normal and Vtx_10 (Now X, Z, Y are correct).

    A screenshot of a completely new polygon added to twinleaf (a path of grass). Note: The other nsbmd polygon are unmodified, like materials, textures, palettes...)

    Edit: Bump! Seemed that maps not work in Desmume or No$Gba....Working on it...