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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia watched as Mark and Danielle came in and she gave a friendly wave when they sat down next to her. Well, this would actually be an enjoyable class probably. She saw that the other girl in class was looking over at Roberto. Apparently she saw him as a big deal. Lucia really couldn't see why, they had a good thirty Scizor over at her parent's estate constantly patrolling the grounds. No doubt it was because she had grown up in a different setting.

    Roberto meanwhile really didn't pay attention to Able, instead his entire focus was on the small Sableye. If he got within range of Lucia.... if he so much as touched her.... he didn't care if Lucia had some minor consequence to deal with, he had vowed to protect her life no matter what, even if it mean expulsion for beating a ghost-type pokemon to a bloody pulp. She didn't remember the danger really, she had been so young, but he remembered. He remembered all of it. He would not let the situation happen ever again.
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