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    Ryan collected his Pokémon from the nurse with a small, "Thanks." He then stepped outside of the Pokémon Centre and took a deep breath. He then turned back the way he had came down to the Pokémon Centre.
    Whilst he was walking he saw some people down by the beach.
    "Maybe there's a swimming class or something like that?" Thought Ryan. As he walked he kept on looking around to familiarise himself with his surroundings. Having walked this path twice now he was sure that he knew it fairly well.
    Ryan had seen a lot of students in the Cafeteria that had things that resembled some sort of phone. He had to check these things out and get one for himself. Maybe if he were to catch someone in his class using one then he could ask them about it? Yes! That seemed like a good enough idea. It was then that Ryan realised he needed to hurry up and get to his lesson right away.

    Ryan eventually arrived at his classroom to find that there was already a girl outside of his classroom.

    "Oh dear, I do hope you haven't been standing here long." Ryan said to the girl.
    As Ryan said this he opened the door to the classroom.
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