Thread: Development: Adding New Moves to Gen 3
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    Originally Posted by timson733333 View Post
    I didn't see this step before. o_o

    Anyways, where am I supposed to paste this data?

    Edit: Ok, I posted it directly after the corresponding pasted data and the moves work like a charm in Emerald. But I don't think I've found the limiter. I did a hex string search for the corresponding limiter in FireRed (B1 20 40 00 81 42), but when I overwrote that with 0s it still didn't work. Help?
    You're not crazy. It wasn't there before. I added it because I noticed that PGE didn't like having a bunch of 0xFFs as the "data".

    Same applies to the names.

    The limiter is in a different location in Emerald, and may not use that string of hex commands. I believe Gamer2020 posted the location of that limiter a few posts after the first post. Check his post out.

    You ARE correcting the offsets for Emerald, right? I just want to make sure you are, because all the pointers in my first post are for FR specifically.
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