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    Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
    I believe that these are from the Pokemon Diamond bootleg game. These aren't bad, but I'd suggest using better shading techniques. I'd suggest studying the official Pokemon sprites for shading tips. Also, your outlining could use some work.
    Yep, they're Denjuu. And yeah, I've been having the most problems with the outlines, see Fungus/Fangs for instance. Which is my main focus at the moment. I also notice that I seemed to have attempted to pillow-shade these sprites. I'll try scratching out a few more sprites without these flaws.

    This one's more of a comparison. The Fakemon here is Siccarkrow, which is supposed to be an evolution of Banette, a counterpart of Dusknoir, if you will. The left one was made when I began spriting from scratch, which is of course, hideous. The one in the right is more recent and polished. I feel like I need to improve the shading on the hat. Thoughts?
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