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    Originally Posted by RetroRoller View Post
    Finally, someone who shares my taste in tiles :3 It looks and sounds really cool. I'm glad you haven't used a crazy storyline where you gut hurled into the middle of it straight away or something with a gimmick such as "the apocalypse happened". There aren't many hacks like that nowadays - at least not since the days of Light Platinum and Flora Sky, hehe.
    Oh man, someone who gets me! Haha, I can't stand it when people make their hacks come off as all crazy and apocalyptic or intense. I'm just shooting for a deep Pokemon game, with cartoony and classic tiles. It's nice to have someone who agrees with where I want his hack to go. You, buddy, are getting a friend request right now.

    EDIT: I just put a pokedex feature in the original thread. While it only has three or so Pokemon in it right now, that list will grow. Yes, I'm putting I-V gen in this hack. Suggestions will be duly noted, although most will not be included.

    Beta 1 Coming Soon! ||||||||||