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    Maxwell Leggingsteele

    "Oh?" Maxwell said, "Well I get the feeling that your brother isn't trying to protect someone from you." He chuckled a bit. Next she went on about how she'd hacked her PokéDex. Wait what? Why would you hack a PokéDex and who would have the neccesary knowledge to even do it in the first place? Maybe this girl was freakishly smart or something? Or maybe she just liked programming, who knew? She had even hacked it so much that it couldn't even be used as a PokéDex anymore! Easy to say, Maxwell was impressed with this person. He looked with great interest at the feauters she showed him, a chat and a phone-system? This was really, really cool.

    "Well," Maxwell began, "If you want to know about Hugin, then I can say that he's a Honchkrow, the evolved form of Murkrow if you're familiar with that Pokémon. And sure, you can join me. I was gonna' go to my class, but I have Trainer Fitness so I don't really care or want to go." He said. After a small moment of silence - the only thing that could be heard was the happy slobbering coming from Maxwell's Swinub - the teen reached out his hand and said; "The name's Maxwell, pleasure to meet you, umm...?"
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