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Vriska Van der Douchevald


"Honchkrow, eh?" Vriska said while taking a small notepad from her left pocket, as well as a pen, where she did a quick draft of the Pokemon, and adding some details about Hugin.

Species: Honchkrow
Evolved form of Murkrow
Evolution method currently unknown

She flipped the page of her Notepad, and began writing a To Do List:

-Learn stuff at class
-Practice evil laughter
-World Domination

World domination seems like an impossible thing, but, hey, you've got to be ambitious, right? After she was done, she resumed paying attention towards the Trainer she was talking to. He had his hand extended and had told her his name is Maxwell.

"Hello, Maxwell, I'm Vriska, Vriska Van der Douchevald!" She said while shaking his hand, "It's so very nice to meet you!" She said while giggling.

She ended the hand shake very quickly, and turned her sight back to her lunch, she split the meal in half, and took a small taste of one half.

"The other half is yours." She told her Pokemon who were staring at her while she was eating, they quickly began distributing the food in equal portions.

"So... tell me, Maxwell, how long have you been here?" She asked with curiosity.
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