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Originally Posted by mavy42
bro, fullfilled is spelled as fulfilled. Man, the hack looks real good! VM me the legendary of the hack! I'ma make a userbar for you!
Originally Posted by gam3r!
Aside from fulfilled , prophecy is spelled wrong on that screen ( it says prophesy ) but i don't care about spelling errors much
Everything looks awesome man , and the textbox is great with the darker palletes !
Keep it up
lol, my typing kind of sucks, and without spell check in the notepad document I was working in, I missed these errors. Although I could have sworn that I fixed the prophecy mistake...
I'm going to type in Word from now on.

Thanks for the comments, both of you!

Originally Posted by gam3r!
Is that a dive spot over there ?
Yes, it is. Dive should be ready for the first beta!

Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile
My only problem so far with the update that hasn't been mentioned is this. I love the background of the cave, but that text box colour just seems to clash a bit to me. Seems too bright for the cave. Sure, it works elsewhere, but not in that cave scenario. That's me really being picky though I guess.
Thanks for the feedback!

The colors seemed a bit "clashy" to me too at first, but the longer I looked at it, the more I didn't mind it. The colors don't clash so much with the grass bb, and I like it when combined with that, so I'll probably leave it alone.

Originally Posted by PokemonMasters
exactly how long will the 1st beta be? or like how many gyms?
As of right now, my plan is to have the beta only go through the first gym, but with plenty of other events to make the play time longer.

Originally Posted by SkyIsDarkBlue
Pokemon Crimson, Blue Flames and Jasper really inspire me. I'm gonna send the fakemon to mavy to make a banner and I am going to start on my own hack!!!
Glad to be part of your inspiration. Go for it! Best of luck to you.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin
Those screenshots look awesome! Looking forward to the release!


Well, I haven't had much success finding a new title that I like, so for now I am going to stick with Jasper Version as the title. If I can come up with something else that I like, I'll switch it, but right now Jasper is in (thanks for the suggestions, those who gave some).

Originally Posted by mavy42
I'ma make a userbar for you!
Go right ahead, especially now that Jasper will for sure be the title for now.