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    Maxwell Leggingsteele

    Maxwell looked at the girl - seemingly unfamiliar with Hugin's species - as she wrote down some stuff on a notepad, probably about the Honchkrow. Hugin looked at the drawing the girl had made of him and scoffed, he didn't even look remotely anything like that! He stared at the "Evolution method unknown"-line she wrote and scoffed again, she aspired to catch a Murkrow yet she didn't even know how to evolve it into the gracious being that was him and others, sharing the close resemblance to him. With "World Domination" as an apparent goal, she wouldn't get far without knowledge.

    Both Maxwell and the girl smiled as she introduced herself. Vriska van der Douchevald? That was a pretty unusual name to say the least. However it made it that much easier for him to remember it properly. Next, she asked him for how long he had been at the academy, Maxwell smiled and said:

    "A few days I presume, but I've gotten an awful lot done during that short amount of time! For example, I've caught a fair amount of new Pokémon. Well by 'fair amount' I mean one." He laughed. Hugin just looked at him and rolled his eyes.

    "Ah, Spinarak and Ghastly..." Maxwell continued, "That really takes me back. I used to be around those species of Pokémon quite a lot when I was a child. I originate from Ecruteak City in Johto which is known to be full of Ghost-types, so I've grown accustomed to them. Bug-types I've just adored since I was a little kid, but even though I've been around a few of them, I've never really had the chance to catch any of them." He finished, having sort of a dreamy smile on his lips as if he became wrapped up into a carpet of nostalgic memories.
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