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Originally Posted by Slayr231 View Post
I wish pokemon were real, but then people would probably use them for evil (and be more succesful than team rocket). Oh well, still worth it.
Maybe I should add....Not only Team Rocket, but probably more successful than all the "teams" combined.

I would probably apply for a position as Gym Leader/Elite Four for the Fire type, since a lot of my favorite Pokemon are of that type. (Gen. 2 Fire starters, Gen. 5 Fire starters, Victini, Moltres, to name just a few.) If the league rejected me, I would just start earning Badges left and right (my Typhlosion, after all, played a key role in beating SS) and after beating the Champion, I'd be all "How you like me now?!" Hahaha.....yeah...the look on his/her face would be just priceless.

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